Young Europe Society

A world where we value what youth defines: friendship, growing, memories, fun, living outside-the-box. We encourage you to add to these by joining our activities. We’ll take care of the rest.

About US

Y.E.S., believe it or not, we are a non-profit organization that truly cares about you, the one reading this. Not only we want to inspire you with the magical sense of European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance, but we also aim towards becoming a whole unit with our youth and, therefore, grow together. By doing so, mobility within and beyond Europe, non-formal learning, interculturality and higher employability rates are thoroughly sighted on by our entity, as we encourage the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their backgrounds- because in our unit, every single one of you matters. 

As a forthcoming and open-hearted community, we crave bondings and partnerships with institutions, organizations and open-minded individuals that have their interests and values in our area of development- let’s see if you’re one of them. As you move along exploring more of our website, you will discover what kind of community we have and what we do to accomplish our goals, actively working side by side with our youngsters, ready to take on the world. In our unit, diversity and acceptance are key. But we don’t want to spoil it for you- see for yourself, we will gladly welcome you anytime.


Upcomming activities

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Outdoor Rocks

Outdoors Solidarity II


“Participating in such opportunity in Erasmus+ has been the best experience for me. I am developing my competences to be a better citizen and in the same time I get to meet other people from coutries I wish to visit one day, because here I got to know their culture better. I made a lot of new friends. This experience opened my eyes towards the world we don’t see”

Ali Alper


“I think this project gave me a lot of experiences to my future life. It’s not just that I met a lot of great people whose I’m gonna miss but I have learnt a lot of things that will be useful for me. It was great 10 days of sessions, activities and party times an I’m grateful that I could be here”

Berenika Švarcová