Art of Social Innovators

ASI” – “Art of Sustainable Innovation” project is primarily focusing its aim at deploying Social Innovation and Circular Economy as a mean for inclusion, active citizenship and solidarity, employability and entrepreneurship among youth with fewer opportunities in disadvantaged rural communities in Europe and Asia. By this we are promoting and reinforcing the connection between Youth NGOs, youth operators and local stakeholders in the field of Social Innovation & Circular Economy around developing tools and skills that are aimed to guide youth at using  the local resources, sustainability,  an finally develop social enterprises that are answering needs in their communities.

Rural areas pose a great potential to stimulate social innovation and circular economy, the entrepreneurial use of local resources.

The project is designed to focus on employability and environmental issues approaching those from the perspective of entrepreneurship, with the core target groups of (a) young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas aged (14-30 yrs) who have technological resources (at least smart phones) and (b) youth workers who are using non formal education in their work with youngsters. The project is also aimed to enhance the organisational capacity and skills of the participating organisations and even reaching further to their local networks promoting the outcomes of a valuable transcontinental partnership.

The project is comprising the following activities: