Bimbi’s impressions after first month of his ESC

Hey, I’m Bimbi and I’m an ESC volunteer since October 22nd. Now let me tell you about my expectations that I had before coming to Miercurea Ciuc and the reality that I lived in the last month since I arrived here.

What is it like to be a volunteer in ESC?

One-word answer: Fascinating!

What did I expect it to be?

I expected our time to be chaotic, our coordinators to let us looser and not care that much about what we are doing day by day. I was thinking that every day is going to be a savage day without any plans and to be very confused all the time.

What is it really?

From the beginning, we were asked to set goals that we would like to achieve in this year of volunteering. Not necessarily about the sports workshops we have to hold, but also about our personal, professional and cultural development.

Every Monday morning, we have a meeting where we talk about the following: How was our weekend, what tasks did we finish last week, what tasks did we have left from the previous week, and what plans do we have for this week. The coordinators are the ones who give us tasks in accordance with the goals we have set, thus helping us to evolve.

Our “working” schedule (I don’t consider it work because I really enjoy every task that our coordinators give us) is from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, but if we finish earlier what we have to do we are free.

We have a lot of extra activities, especially towards sports, I had the chance to practice archery, paragliding, hiking, football, oină, țurcă. Also, the mood that the managing team gives us is a special one, because they really care about us and they are careful about our moral by making surprises like: trips, surprise birthday party, gifts, compliments and much more.

The people in Miercurea Ciuc are open minded, even if they don’t know how to speak Romanian, they try to find any way to communicate and I find this very impressive. I learned most of the words in Hungarian by talking to the people I befriended in the city.

What did I learn this month?

Lightroom: Watermark, how to crop the image, how to straighten a photo, how to fix the coloring, how to edit more photos once, tools in the lightroom and how it works

Hungarian: 1-10, how are you, I’m funny, very good, the song “Az a szép, akinek a szeme kék”, mom, dad, kind, no problem and some more words

Paragliding: How to take off, how to make turns in the air, how to gather back the paraglider

Hiking: How to orient myself, how to follow the marks on the trees, how to step to not slip

Photoshop: Tools, how to transform PNG format to vector, how sliders works, how to make pimples disappear

Photography: How to frame the picture properly, the settings of the camera

Training: I hold a workshop about photo editing and I’ve got feedback on it

Writing: We need to keep track of what we are doing every week with the help of a journal, I’m writing Facebook posts, I’m writing blog posts at mile stones (1 month, 6 months, 12 months)

And one of the most important ones is that I learned how to live on my own, now that I’m 5h from home, my mom can’t make everything for me anymore and it is a huge step towards my adult life, a huge step towards the future Bimbi.