Digital Bartering

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The Erasmus+ youth exchange “Digital Bartering” unfolded between 20.08-01.09.2018 in Mehadia, Romania. It gathered 48 young participants from Romania and Slovakia that were guided and supported by 6 group leaders in order to learn more about successful freelancing through digital marketing.

The project aimed to increase the sense of  initiative of the young participants with regards to s freelancing as well as to develop their competences on digital marketing which will help to enter the global labour market as the freelancer considering the growth of online advertising. The objectives reached by the current project are the following:

  • the 48 young participants understood the benefits of freelancing and how they can make full use of the digital marketing tools and instruments in order to promote themselves;
  • the 48 young participants had the chance to exchange ideas and attitudes towards freelancing and identified by themselves suitable tools that can be used in freelancing;
  • the 48 young participants understood better the possibilities of freelancing and how could benefit in the future of the opportunities of Erasmus+ programme.

What is Erasmus Plus?  

The ERASMUS Plus Programme is an European programme aiming to offer between 2014-2020 to more than 4 million Europeans the opportunity to study, form, gain professional experience and participate in volunteer programs in other countries. It funds transnational partnerships between various education, training and youth organizations and institutions, in order to cooperate and build bridges between the education system and the workforce to help bridge the skills gap needed today.

The name of the project refers to Dutch Renaissance humanist and theologian Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. He studied at diverse European universities and described the education as a chance for modern people.


Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”

(Desiderius Erasmus)


Who will benefit?changing-lives

Apart from the students, the mobility offered by the Erasmus+ programme is dedicated for professors and universities’ staff as well. ERASMUS+ will allow:

>2 million higher education students;
>EU grants and training for about 4 million people and 125,000 institutions;
>500,000 young people will volunteer or participate in youth exchanges;
>650,000 vocational apprenticeships or traineeships abroad;
>200,000 Master’s degree loan scheme;
>25,000 joint master degree grants;
>800,000 educators and youth workers will acquire new teaching and learning methods abroad.

How to apply?

Organisations are invited to submit applications on-line to the National Agency in the relevant country or to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Individuals seeking to apply should contact their organisation, institution, or educational establishment.

What should I do?

If you are interested in participating in Erasmus Plus, contact the National Agency in your country or visit its website and ask about the possibilities suitable for you.

Check this video to find out the opinions and insights of people involved in Erasmus+ projects, you might want, too.

ROMANIA – Young Europe Society is a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the development of the youths by inspiring them a sense of active citizenship. Y.E.S. promotes mobility within and beyond Europe, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the employability and inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background. Y.E.S. mission is to promote and bring added value to participative education and active citizenship, while developing solid partnerships with institutions, organizations and individuals that are active in the same field. Y.E.S.’s goal is to facilitate exchange of experiences between young people in order to raise the level of information, and tolerance, as well as to increase youngsters’ awareness with regards to different cultures and attitudes, promoting unity in diversity.


SLOVAKIA – Obcianske zdruzenie Innovus is non-government non-profit organisation, with its residence in  Lučenec, as the centre of historical region Novohrad, Slovakia. Due to the isolated and underdeveloped nature of the region its’ goal is to build up cooperation with local and foreign special youth organisations and communities, organising study sightseeing routes, developing activities at regional and national level, organising trainings, workshops, seminars and discussions, organising interest activities for children and youth.  Through the work and efforts done by its members, the organisation is connecting young people from across Europe and from various social, economic and ethnic background or from different disadvantaged groups through the use of various methods and tools, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, outdoor and sport activities. By promoting personal, professional and non-formal growth of young people as well as by organising and implementing various international exchanges Innovus seeks to support equality with identical opportunities as one of its most important values.



Romanian participants shared the results of “Digital Bartering” during their participation in another project in Estonia. They presented their personal experiences, the new information and skills gained and the video of the project.


Young Europe Society disseminate the results of the project with other youth workers, volunteers and experts active in the youth field during a training course in France. The president of the organisation, Ilie-Bogdan Vilcan shared the results of the project, as well as insights and new expertise acquired through this project.

In Slovakia, during another project participants used the method of storytelling to disseminate their experience gained during “Digital Bartering”.

Press release

Youth increased their awareness about the possibilities and benefits of freelancing as well as E+ through our sessions. Also, participants were more aware of the role they have as active citizens and importance to be involved in the global labor market. Participants received YouthPass which represent their learning process.

Participants did dissemination activities that aimed to raise awareness of freelancing advantages, increase digital marketing competences and inform about E+ possibilities to their peers in the local communities. Participants shared the results, good experiences and increased competences with their peers encouraging them to learn and be more active in their local communities, to be more initiative.

For participating organizations this project contributed to their experience regarding the internationally active participation in projects. Besides, they gained new contacts and ideas for future cooperation and possible projects.  All partner organizations increased their competences to successfully apply, implement, follow-up and finalize a KA1 projects.

By disseminating the results, we spread the information about the project itself as well as the E+. Youth that have used the prepared information with the results of the project had their competences increased on digital marketing and freelancing, thus, they are able to use marketing as powerful competences in successful freelancing.