European Youth at the Frontlines of Active Citizenship

European Youth at the Frontlines of Active Citizenship: A roadmap towards a collective “South-North-East-West” Momentum. is a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ KA 3 Program, more specifically the action “Support for Policy Reform”, European Youth Together in which Young Europe Society is partner.

Through this project, a selected network of youth multipliers from each of the participating countries will be trained and will receive mentorship and financial support for grassroots youth-led outreach initiatives.

The participants in this project will be challenged to identify ways to participate in the democratic processes of our countries, by selecting a specific cause that falls within one of these 5 Core Areas:

1) Education and lifelong learning;

2) Social and Community Issues;

3) Environment and Sustainability;

4) Culture and Heritage;

5) Health and Wellbeing.

The task of the young multipliers will be to engage their communities at their own initiative with specific activities around their selected cause.

Most governments today operate with a short term agenda, focusing only on issues that are exploding Some parties even win elections with platforms such as 100 Days Plan”. We need a long term focus that promotes youth civic involvement Regardless of current political agendas, enhancing the lives of youth in today’s pluralistic societies must be a permanent priority They’re a strategic force and only by empowering them we can allow for positive change. Bringing youth from all corners of Europe together for this project will result in a unique dynamic as the participating countries have very different political landscapes The young people can challenge each other and indirectly impart knowledge of policies and best practices that can later be multiplied. Fully aware that in many programs young people are only beneficiaries of the work of others, we want to give them skills to foster creative solutions and inspire their social participation by letting them advocate on issues they’re passionate about by focusing their energy, enthusiasm and determination towards making a change and impact



Implementing a training course (11-16 March in Skopje) to learn about tools and mechanisms that can be useful during the implementation of your project;

Provide youth with a 7-month personalized mentorship to unlock their potential and ensure optimal results (April- October 2020)

Provide each of them with a budget of 1.000 Euros which you can use to financially support their initiative;

Work together to organize dialogues with policy-makers who can directly support or influence the realization of your vision;

Networking opportunities with peers from other European countries (Spain, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus & Macedonia);

Collaborate and support the overall Project Management.


The training course took place in March in Skopje and its objective was to motivate the selected young people to not wait for elections for something to change to improve their communities, but use other methods to influence policies and challenge the political establishment. The TC provided a multitude of tools, knowledge and tips on social activism with the goal to inspire positive change.


This Training Course presented key European documents of relevance for future social activism; introduced the participants to a Roadmap for collective momentum; included practical exercises for multipling knowledge and interaction with peers; introduced the young participants to exercises that can be adapted for different audiences and together we explored best practise examples for youth activism.