Fail until you succeed – Bimbi, March

“Fail until you succeed” is the motto for this month of volunteering.

I started the month with another failure in organizing the ice skating workshop, but I’ve learned from it valuable lessons that helped me to accomplish our first workshop.

The first and the second workshops, I hosted and to my surprise, I wasn’t that rusty as I imagined after all. My abilities that I had back in the 7th grade, when I was volunteering by going to parks, gathering the kids, organizing them and playing games, came handy during these workshops.

First one was about jumping rope. In the process, we succeeded in breaking a paraglider cord that was very resistant, but instead of crying tears, we burst into laughter and proudness as we noticed how strong we were.

Second one I based it on oina, my long forgotten love. As a citizen of Mioveni, I was the most capable person in the whole Harghita county to teach others the secrets of oina. The downside was that we didn’t have the proper equipment, but participants didn’t even realize because our mastery in improvisation overcame this factor and they had the full experience of playing oina.

Overall, March gave us wings to believe that we are capable of going even beyond our goals.