“February and the not so fun blog” by Moro

Hello there!

You might be thinking that this blog is about a wonderful life of a volunteer during the volunteership, but that’s where you’ll be wrong. This time, you are getting a small sneak peek into the BTS area of our stay here.

In my last blogs I made it look like there’s always sunshine and people dancing behind every corner, but it’s not always like that. Sometimes you walk into the wrong neighborhood and end up with a mouth full of trash for a month. “Oh no! What could possibly go wrong?” – you might ask yourself. Answer is quite easy. When you come here, you leave everything and everyone you knew behind for some time and yet, there are some things that will keep on haunting you even outside your usual area of activities. While I don’t really want to disclose all the details here, let me just say- if you want to become a part of ESC, I suggest you close all the unfinished chapters of your life before they come to take you down when you least expect it.

Besides all that, this month was a disaster. Lack of proper preparation made us pay the price of not being able to host a single workshop due to: the weather; our own laziness; lack of communication … The list is long, but what matters is that our work is left undone. February is the shortest month of the year, but so far, the biggest amount of failures we experienced took place in February. Once again, it ain’t all sunshine and happiness in the land of ESC volunteers and I hope that you understand that. If you lack clarity inside of you, then prepare to have one of the lowest times in your stage.

As you’ve noticed, this blog doesn’t really describe the activities that took place, but on the other hand, these things had to be mentioned. Here’s hoping for a better march.