What did I do in February – Bimbi

Hello blog readers aka stalkers! It’s March but I’m taking you into my retrospective on how February went.

In the beginning of this month I went to Targu Mures and saw the different cultures of Hungarian and Romany people. I was literally amazed by the fact that Romany people in this area are wearing big black cowboy hats like in the memes that I saw, but I thought it’s an exaggeration.

After the Targu Mures trip I started to edit the videos of Hungarian private lessons that we are taking and I posted for my first time on YouTube, my first ever video edits.

On a Thursday I went skiing with some friends  in Harghita Bai. While skiing I felt happiness, sadness (because the rain came and I didn’t have a proper jacket for skiing), craziness, scared (when I didn’t have control over the skis) etc. It was a nice experience, but another nice skiing experience was when we, two of our coordinators and I, went to Poiana Brasov while there the fog was so dense that you could have cut it with a knife. At one moment while I was going down the slope, the fog color was the same with the snow and I felt like skiing into the abyss. Our help in this situation were the kids that had private lessons of skiing and we attached to their group as much as we could because their instructor didn’t give a damn on the dense fog and he was skiing backwards, looking at the children making sure that they’re skiing right.

I went running twice and I can say that the goalkeeper’s skills aren’t based on the resistance and stamina, rather on sprint, jumping, reflexes and positioning, which I did none while running, just a constant 2/4 (1/4=walk, 4/4=sprint) for 10 km.

I got motivated to achieve one of my goals in the following months and that is the founding of an NGO.

On what I’ve got demotivated is my momentarily poor ability to hold a workshop during corona and not having access to schools at all. I had 2 tries of holding a workshop, but both failed on the “number of participants” chapter. Now we are directing our focus on how to improve the attendance to our activities.

But this is life after all, isn’t it? A continuous sinusoidal graph that goes from happiness to sadness and vice versa throughout time without stopping a second and if it does, that means you don’t have any more lead in your pencil.