Final push!

“Snap back to reality…”

All the good things have to come to an end (rest-work, I mean). Back to the workshops we go!
A lot of work to be done ahead and we had to do our best not to fail. Expectations were high, as prior to this we were struggling to find any schools that would accept us and now we got a few of them. One after another with no time to rest in-between. Lots of activities we had planned before had to be thrown out the window, as a lot of them were either season related, or required equipment that we or the school that invited us – did not possess. Returning back to my prior working mentality was hard, it took me a few days to get used to it, but when I got there- everything was going as smoothly as a hot knife against a butter.

We managed to fit 14 activities into 4 days. If someone were to ask you: “What’s the definition of success?” you could tell them that as an example. (Yeah, we didn’t make millions selling seaweed snacks at the age of 19m but we all got our small reasons to be happy, ok?). There ain’t that much work left for us to do, but neither do we have a lot of time to finish everything on time. Last steps. Clock is ticking. Work has to be done.

Gosh, I can’t wait to get back home.

Talk to you when I get back, cya!