How was Bimbi’s December with us?

Hello blog, good to see you. Another month, another blog, am I right?

This December month had big ups and a big down for me personally.

I’ll first start with the big down, which, considering that there are still famines and wars on earth, it isn’t something that big, but it was enough to make me feel disappointed about myself and I took a big punch in my ego’s liver.

I’m talking about my try to do a workshop on advanced photo editing. I failed lamentable to keep the attention span of the participants, but as I like to say: A kick in the ass is a step forward. From failures you are winning more valuable lessons than from victories and that’s how I’m taking this event.

Now let’s see the beautiful side of the glass and talk about the ups.

Of course, I made a lot of new friends during this period which is always giving me a nice feeling, but this month was also very eventful because we had the On Arrival Training course and the secret santa.

On Arrival Training is a week where the new volunteers from around Romania gather and they’re learning together about the ideology of what ESC is about and the useful information that you need during your ESC programme. Unfortunately this month’s OAT was online so it came with the usual problems of online meetings like: some people randomly losing internet connection or electricity (it happened to us), having a lot of dead moments because everyone is muted and people are double thinking before pressing the Unmute button (it happens to me all the time) and, of course, coming with the regret that wasn’t face-to-face.

The secret santa event happened during the OAT week so we had to wrap our gifts secretly between the sessions. The mood of giving, receiving gifts and singing Christmas songs and carols as if it had been detached from the most charming winter stories.

What can I say more after this December? Bye 2020, we will not miss ya, welcome 2021, let’s hope you aren’t “two thousand twenty won”.