I hate summer or a short story about july

My oh my, summer just keeps on giving. Hate this season from the bottom of my heart, as I cant tolerate heat that well. While everyone else is running around happily, going to the beach and enjoying refreshing waters, I’m suffering here… silently… locked in a room while working on documentation. This is where you learn to hate that windows from your room get direct sunlight 24/7 no matter the season. Room is extremely hot and keeping windows open doesn’t really help. Give me back my winter, please?

Come on, it’s summer. Schools are still closed and there’s not that much work that we could do on our workshops (surprise!). There’s still a lot to do though. Covid tied a noose around our necks and was holding its paws on the lever to open a trapdoor underneath us and with the clock ticking down- we are definitely not enjoying our situation here. All the ideas we came up with had to be thrown out the window as finding people who might be interested in the activities by ourselves is painful. Did I expect anything, living in a city full of Hungarians while neither of us speaks it (Yes, my colleague doesn’t really speak Magyar, wow-o-wow) nor do they understand English that well. Guess we’ll see what August and September have prepared for us.

Hibernating until August.