New member in the family-January – Bimbi

January 2021 came in like there wasn’t a door in his way because the previous year let us all down.

New year, new me, right? This would have been correct only if the new year meant 26th October, the date when I came to Miercurea Ciuc.

For me the volunteering month began with a redo of a workshop, the one I failed last year, but this time what I prepared went directly into the bullseye ?. 

The thing that still surprises me the most is that our coordinators have in their “warehouse” equipment of many many sports and they can provide me for free and for fun with their top tier equipment. This happened when we went skiing the other day and I was given boots and skis. Not only that I had equipment, but they also stood to teach me the basics of skiing. I had a lot of fun that day and it will be long remembered.

I was asked if I wanted to design the logo of an approved project and I immediately accepted the offer because in this period I was doing lots of things in Photoshop&Lightroom, but I also wanted to get used to Illustrator which was very unknown for me until I started working on the logo. I was very proud of myself when I handed it over and everything was alright because I knew in that moment that I didn’t just do a logo, but I also earned a capability which I never thought that I would have. 

Mure? Who is Mure? What is Mure? Why is Mure? And the most important, where on earth Mure went?

Mure is our new cat that we adopted. It was a fast paced process, it literally took us 3 days from the thought of adopting a cat to actually find one and adopting it. She had to go through obstacle courses, to beat with dragons until death (she kind of looks like Toothless from “How to train your dragon”) and to take Miss Universe for the most adorable cat. We needed her because sometimes when into an apartment lives only 2 boys during a pandemic crysis, the boredom can install itself and the mood can go down, so having a pussy around can bring up the spirits.


January was interesting, but wait to see when I write about February.