Morovic impressions after first month of his ESC

Hello There!

My name is Morovic. I’m a „Outdoor Solidarity 2“ volunteer for Young Europe Society organization. Project lasts for 12 months (Wow, a whole year) and since I’ve already passed a milestone of 1 month, I’m going to describe to you what happened to me in those days.

Upon my arrival to Miercurea-Ciuc (That’s where we are staying for the duration of the project), I was greeted by one of my mentors, who showed me to my place and kindly provided me with some basic information about the city and daily routine. I had a few days to myself so I explored the city and while doing that, I also got to meet a few interesting people. A few days later, my project-partner finally arrived, and almost instantly we got our first experience of volunteering by assisting with Photo- and videography for „Fly High Open Week“ project.

I did work with a camera before… Film cameras, to be precise. It came to be, that I had to learn how to use DSLR cameras and basically relearn everything I knew about photography, as it was my first time doing outdoor/ sports photography and not only that, I also learned how to Paraglide (in Theory, didn’t really want to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical part). All things considered, the first week was quite eventful and full of surprises (good ones, duh). That’s one week off the calendar, 3 more to go.

Having no prior knowledge of photo-editing, we dedicated the second week to getting to know software (Photoshop, Lightroom etc.). Let’s call this week a: „Cool Off“ week. We did have to go to another city later, so that we could help with photography for another project. As a result, in 2 weeks I learned the basics of paragliding, rules of Oina, history of archery etc.

’t was fun, not gonna lie. But it’s not all fun and games, sometimes you have to learn as well. When the second project came to an end, we finally got to try our newly-acquired knowledge of photo-editing. Not like I did much (Divide and conquer, muhaha). While my partner was dealing with photos, I tried coming up with a logo for the project.

Another week, another lesson to be learned. Second volunteer (I call him Bimbo, even though he doesn’t really like the name. He did embrace it after a while though) prepared a workshop for us on the topic of photo editing and I got to show the finalised logo and Lo and Behold- it was bad. Like, really bad. „Sometimes you win- sometimes you lose“ – I told myself, and the task of creating a logo slowly crawled towards Bimbo, while I got to evaluate on what has gone wrong and how I could improve on the situation, so that it doesn’t come to life later. Ok, I did fail with coming up with a logo, but what I will definitely not allow to happen is for my workshop to fail and so I started preparing for it. Remember when I said that I haven’t really worked with DSLR cameras before? Right, so I had to prepare a workshop on how DSLR cameras work, what they are capable of and how to set them up properly. It could have gone better, but it was not a complete disaster either, all things considered- a small success for me. I did get feedback from my mentors and Bimbo, and will do my best to improve on mistakes so that they don’t happen again!

Oh, right, forgot to mention that volunteering is not just about doing work. We had a lot of time for ourselves and we tried to use as much of it as humanly possible. Walks in the city, game-nights with Bimbo, getting to know new people and celebrating each other’s Birthdays- its intense. Not that I ever felt as I had completely nothing to do, and that’s a good thing.

Oh no, wall of text… I hate them as much as any other person, but what can I do? Right, let’s wrap this one up. I will post an update on how our volunteering is going in 5 months, so be ready for it!