NOTice to AirMen

There is almost no cross-country paraglider pilot who did not flew in a NOTAM (temporary controlled areas defined by notices). Sometimes, flying into a restricted area is the choice of the pilot but in most cases it is the lack of information during the flight that leads a paraglider pilot to enter such an area. In our organisations there are paraglider pilots who flew over commercial planes, near helicopter landing places, close to aerodromes and some even shared the sky with military fighting planes. These situations can lead to loss of human lives and negative publicity of paragliding as being one of the most dangerous sports. Our project aims to provide access for paragliding pilots to up-to-date air traffic control information and to capacitate paragliding pilots across Europe to properly use air traffic control information.

Our project objectives are:

O1. Develop a mobile application to provide accurate, easy to use and up to date information about air traffic control regulations, especially controlled airspaces and NOTAMs(temporary controlled areas defined by notices).
O2. Raise the awareness among paraglider pilots across Europe about the existence of a NOTAM mobile application and educate them about how to access and comply with air traffic control regulations.

This project has an exceptional potential to produce impact on all levels. By creating an application that will mark on the flight map the NOTAMs restricted areas and warn the paraglider pilots when approaching such areas we will increase inflight safety and avoid flying in areas where no paraglider pilot should fly.

By conducting activities of dissemination across Europe, by involving coordinating bodies in the field of paragliding from all EU member states and by making this application free of use for both Android and iOS uses we intend make the application popular at EU level for cross-country paraglider pilots.