Paragliding For All

Tandem paragliding with disabled persons is rare in the 4 countries involved in this project (Romania, Hungary, France, Italy). The percentage of tandem paragliding flights with disabled peoples was under 1% in 2018, in all 4 counries involved in the project. It occurs mostly with friends/relatives of the tandem pilots. It is mostly done using wheelchairs or trikes, which, for safety reasons, need a very flat and homohgenous landing place. Our project will show that with proper knowledge, most of the disabilitated persons can fly safely in a normal passenger harness with airbag or foam protector and with use of 2 assistants on take-off (which is also compulsory if you fly with wheelchairs/trikes).

This type of flying will allow an significant increase of flying places where tandems can be safely conducted with disabled persons, in fact all places used for tandem paragliding are suitable, the quality of the landing place is not more of vital importance for safety. This approach to paragliding tandem flying with disabled persons will open a lot of possibilities. To demonstrate the above mentioned theory, 2 tandem pilots, 1 from the Aeroclubul Turbulencia and 1 from Young Europe Society , will fly with 6 disabled project participants in each country Romania, Hungary, France, Italy.

Project Objectives

O1-Increasing with minimum 80% the number of flying sites that can be used for paragliding with disabled peoples in the EU.
O2-Strengthen the link between legal entities involved in tandem paragliding and disabled peoples legal entities.
O3- Oranize free of charge 6 tandem flights for people facing disability in each participating country.

Main projects results: