The exam of my life – June, Bimbi

A tough month guys! 

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): Stood in the house and grinded the hell out of the books for my finals and it went great!

My month began with a disappointing failure in the process of opening my own NGO, as I said in the previous journal, so with this feeling I’ve switched my whole focus to my finals, because the time was getting shorter and I had to start from almost 0 knowledge, I’m harsh now, but my knowledge about the exams curriculum was soooo rusty and out of shape.

This is what I did all month: woke up, opened the books, ate a pizza, napped on books, reopened the books, made a ride with the promised car, reopened the books, watched the euros matches, slept on books and repeat. The combination of try harding and chilling made me not to lose my mind during this infernal stress that Bacalaureat gives you, dreaming and sweating from the nightmare of failing the exam of maturity, when you gave all your best, but I was confident that I’ll pass it and I knew that I need to work hard for this.

What promised car? Why are you taking it now, what happened last year?

My parents promised my brother’s old car if I’m taking the with success all the exams, but in the same time my brother came also with a bet, because he was so unfaithful in me, he bet that he is giving me money for taking it, and I’ll give him half if I’m not. 

Why so much on the table though? Because last year I rebelled against “the educational system” that disappointed me so much during the coronavirus cryssis and decided to not go to any of the exams. I wanted to prove my point that I can succeed in life even without the Bacalaureat diploma. My family was upset about this decision, but they more or less accepted it within time. 

What changed my mind? The discussions that I had with the members of the staff from this NGO, especially my mentor, Andreea Gârbea, did a great job tracking me on the easiests and most productive paths.

The days of finals came and I didn’t disappoint. After each exam I was telling my mom that I’ve got 1/3 of the money from my brother, because I was sure that I would pass without any problems.

The results and the experience of signing up for universities will be for sure told in the blogpost of July.