What is life after all? – Bimbi, April

If life is a sinusoidal graph, then April is literally π, which means that wasn’t bad, but wasn’t very great either.

Workshops wise, this made the graph go to 3π/2(down) because we lack due to the weird weather conditions and also that I took some days off to see my relatives and my best friends from Mioveni for the Easter holidays.

Got my vaccine in a village called Vlahita and the funny thing about it is that I ran for 3 km in under 15 minutes from the bus station to the place where I was supposed to get vaccinated and the guy who was giving me the vaccine asked me if I’m afraid of needles because I was all sweaty and gave him the explanation that was followed by laughs. This made the graph go π (neutral)

Mid term evaluation was a thing this month that made the graph go to π/2(up), because, even though it was online, we had a small, funny, compact group that made the facilitators a very easy life by being active and responsive to every session they had. We were so happy as a group that we even planned to go to Cluj and stay for one weekend. What happened you will see in my May blog post!

I want to tell you one more thing though, a thing that I’m really excited about, that I made huge progress with the documentation for my future NGO. More updates on this part I will share with you in my May blog post!

So if we are going to make an arithmetical average, April was,  as I said in the beginning, π in my sinusoidal graph of life. Bye!