Wonderful month of March


Finally, after such a long time, we managed to make a few workshops happen. Was it any good?

Well, First workshop was a bit of a mixed bag. Activity seemed a bit mundane for me and I found it quite surprising that people actually enjoyed it. However, it helped us to gain our first bits of experience with organising workshops and hosting them as well. Well, to be honest, it was also a bit of a mess for me as I had some problems with setting up equipment and stuff, but we learn from our mistakes, don’t we?

I was not the host for the first workshop, but I did host an archery workshop. Was a bit more fun for me as I already had some experience with helping others make a workshop back in Estonia, but this time I was all by myself. It was hard. We only have 1 pair of eyes and keeping track of all 3 guys is a bit too much at the moment (Maybe one day. A man can dream). However, people did have fun and some people asked us to come back with the same activity again, which is a win in my book. Actually, maybe they just enjoyed purposefully missing their shot so that they can break a window? Nah, definitely not.

Overall, this month was quite eventful. Even weather was on point (It’s still snowing here, are we sure it’s spring time yet?).  There’s still plenty of work to be done but one thing is set in stone: workshops will happen and people will enjoy them. No, we are not going to force feed them “Joy” and “Happiness” pills, but we will do our best for everyone to stay happy.

See you next month!