You May or you might not May – Bimbi

Hello there!

In April I promised you that I’ll keep you updated on what happened after the midterm group meet in Cluj and with the opening of my NGO. 

So let’s begin with the meet up. It didn’t happen. The group didn’t synchronize with the dates and the match burned off. We didn’t communicate that much and often as we used to do during the midterm evaluation and I think that’s a natural way for things to go, you unite fast and you disband as fast, but the fun memories are still there and we are still following each other on social media.

About my NGO though, it hasn’t happened yet. Got unlucky again with the synchronization of dates, because I grinded to get all the papers right and when I went in Pitesti for a full week to get right all the last pieces, went to the court on Thursday somewhere around 16-16:30 and the guardian from the court told me that on every Thursday from 14:00 to 15:00 is for NGO and Foundations. And with this information in my head and the pain in my heart, I went to Ciuc because I couldn’t afford another week in Mioveni. At the same time, some of my papers expired and I decided to move this task after I take my finals.

During this month I’ve got one of my favorite memories. I had the most beautiful picnic together with some of my closest friends that I have around here. We went on a beautiful hill with dandelions everywhere and layed down on a comfortable blanket, drank some tasty red wine (my favorite drink), ate some delicious snacks and played some good football, volleyball or badminton.

Another moment that I loved was when my hometown team, CS Mioveni, played against the local team, AFK Csikszereda, here in Miercurea Ciuc. We arrived on the final quarter of the match, when Csikszereda had 2-1 against Mioveni, but I was keep telling everyone that Mioveni is a very good team in the last minutes, thing that I experimented by myself, because I played at CS Mioveni II and youths and this thing was happening there often. Mioveni scored in the last minutes and brought back to my hometown 1 point which was decisive for promotion to Liga I of Romania.

Not the last, was the amazing trip to Cluj. It was my first time in Cluj and it was so chiiiiiiiilllll. Like literally, everyone was so caaaaalm and showed so much respeeeeect. The cashier from KFC kept smiling at me all the time, even though she had a mask on, but the mask couldn’t stop her smile from reaching my soul. I fell in love with Cluj.

On this high note I’m writing my last sentence from this blogpost of May.